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Any time you come to a show at the Miller High Life Theatre, we invite you to enjoy a quality beverage at Miss Lizzies in our outer lobby!

Elizabeth Plankinton (1853 – 1923)Elizabeth Plankinton (1853 – 1923) was an American philanthropist in the early 20th century, the daughter of Milwaukee businessman John Plankinton. She supported local artists and artisans. She purchased a $10,000 pipe organ for the then-new, half-million-dollar 1909 Milwaukee Auditorium. The people of Milwaukee called Miss Plankinton the “municipal patroness” because of her generosity, and she was also known as “Miss Lizzie.”

In 1909, Hampton’s Magazine described Miss Lizzie as:

“… not merely a woman of fashion. She is a traveler, especially in unbeaten paths. She is a business woman of ability, thoroughly versed in legal usages. Above all, Miss Plankinton is a generous and public-spirited citizen of her native city.”

Rent Miss Lizzie’s

5,300 Square Feet
Banquet capacity: 200
Reception capacity: 360

The high ceilings, terrazzo flooring and grand bar create an ideal setting for a special celebration. An adjoining space showcases an extensive gallery of in-house event posters, including those from Broadway shows, rock bands, comedians and everything in between.

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Miss Lizzie would like to introduce you to our history

Check out the image galleries below to get a peek at Miss Lizzie’s and into the past century and more of Milwaukee history that happened in our building!

Photos of Miss Lizzie’s

Thorsten Lindberg Murals in the Miller High Life Theatre

Historical image of the Milwaukee Auditorium